tinh hoa

Vision and Mission

Bring technology solutions to help make all the time and work organization


Providing software and device to help automate tasks fit in HRM


  • Specializing in the automatic identification devices (AutoID) with fingerprint/proximity cards/ face technology
  • Fully understand the needs of customers in the field of HRM
  • Ability to develop software and build integrated solutions

Business Philosophy 

business philosophy

Corporate identity

Conducting with partner Behave with work
Enthusiasm Interested colleagues and the general objectives of the organization.
Communicate openly, frankly and respect differences.
Do not complain, do not criticize, always comments with a constructive spirit.
Devoted to work, prepared and expect good results
View difficulties as challenges, see the lessons of failure, always alive with the spirit of “must do”.
Manage themselves and work within their charge.
Discipline Respect the rules of the collective
Voluntary action, not to remind by others
Follow the same procedure and in accordance with job requirements.
Contribution to the construction process – a reasonable date specified above.
Nhạy bén Confidence in yourself. Trust your colleagues and collective
Learning from colleagues, from customers, from partners
Actively change before being forced to change. Develop the habit of continuous improvement.

Flexibility to change the method to see the results as expected.

Value sharing:  FOCUS – FUN – FAIR

Toàn thể Tinh Hoa 2013

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