Success Story

Application software evaluates job performance with KPI to reduce waste in the enterprise

Previously: Enterprise X held employee evaluation once a year. Each year’s end-of-the-year review is a stressful time for the Board, all the managers, and for all employees:

  • Reward results are based on a lack of persuasiveness, reward does not make employees happy and causes a lot of internal controversy.
  • Everyone complains that “emotional assessment”
  • No one sees the benefits of these activities and leads to the evaluation being done formally

After: Enterprise X shifted to the model of monthly evaluation.

Instead of calling it “employees evaluation (once a year),” the business is transformed into performance management throughout the process.

During this process, employees receive feedback at least once a month in order to help them know how to work better and advance faster. Poorly performing employees are also quick to identify and get more training to help them improve their performance.

As a result, staff performance needs to be continually measured in order to quickly identify the problem and take the necessary action.

Enterprises cannot wait until the end of the year to do this, because it is too late.

The more delinquent – the higher the cost to the business.

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