HRPRO7 Software

HRM Solutions

Derived from management needs of enterprise human resources professional, quick and efficient, HRPRO7 is the main product of THS. These tasks in business management a breeze, much simpler with the help of HRPro7.

With rich functionality, powerful, especially HRPRO7 also features user-friendly interface and easy to use.

HRPRO7 system combines three key functions: Human Resource – Attendance – Payroll. 3 functions can operate independently of each other forming a separate small package or can link together to become a single system, sharing the same common data. In addition, there are packages HRPRO7 extended functionality, can operate independently, including:

  • DASS Module ( Data Auto-Synchronization Service)
  • RTMS Module (Real-time Monitoring Service)
  • ICMS Module (Industrial Canteen Management Software)
  • HRPortal Module

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