Employees assessment software

Success story

Previously: Enterprise B (in the service sector) encountered many difficulties when developing into many branches. Maintaining service quality in multiple branch systems requires regular and continuous staff evaluation.

Difficulties encountered:

  • Organizing evaluation must be simple and effective
  • Evaluation results must integrate payroll software
  • Criteria for evaluation is diversified and depends on the subject. Having criteria for assessing quarterly, monthly, even daily.

After:  Enterprise B invests in Smartboss KPI.

  • Employees assessment software
  • There is a temporary record of commendation / violation which is the basis for easy assessment when the period comes
  • Organized daily periodic assessment for special departments (hygiene, reception)
  • Integration with HRPRO7 HR payroll software


  • Save time organizing staff assessment and make final report
  • Evaluation is easy on the web/ mobile
  • Control the quality of work and service

Please refer to the Smartboss KPI Performance Assessment Software for further advice.

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