Salary calculation software 

Success story

Previously: Enterprise A (chain of restaurants) encounters many difficulties in time attendance. Shift complex and time OT changes daily. Human resources are always waiting for the table from the restaurant’s manager. It takes time and is not accurate.

Difficulties encountered:

  • It is very time consuming to work with time attendance device without special time attendance & payroll software.
  • It is difficult to find supply units that are able to meet specific requirements to effectively manage store chains.
  • It is not possible to directly connect the time keeping machines at multiple branches for centralized management

After:  Enterprise A invests in automatically time attendance solutions

  • HRPRO7 HR payroll software
  • HRportal allows shop managers to work, move personnel, manage time keeping machines
  • Time keeping machine  at the store

Time keeping information is automatically transferred to the software. Arranging shift is also standardized and done via the web. The software automatically corrects time keeping with registered shifts, and controls overtime shift.


  • Save time for payroll for HR department
  • Save time for IT support
  • Control of wage costs

All 3 subjects are satisfied:
– Human Resource Department is less labor intensive
– Employees are time attendance and accurate salary
– The company controls the wage closely and reduces loss fund salary

Please refer to Human Resources HRPRO7 software for further advice.

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