Main features

Time attendance (for staff)
  • Employees can check their work schedule.
  • Employees are able to add time attendance log in case of forget to check in (later approve by the manager).
Salary calculation (for staff)
  • Checking payslip
  • Detail information of Social Insurance, Personal Income Tax,…
  • Promotion progress
Personal data management (for staff)
  • Automatically update information data when changed.
HR appraisal (for staff)
  • The employee can assess their working progress
Employee management (for manager)
  • Leave approval
  • Time attendance log addition approval
  • Travel mission approval
  • Travel allowance approval
Time attendance (for manager)
  • Checking work schedule (for production)
  • Confirm changing shift
Employee assessment (for manager)
  • Working progress assessment
  • Crossed assessment (from different department)
Employee management (for HR department)
  • Employee summary report
  • Summarize leave day and transfer to time attendance module
Personal appraisal (for HR department)
  • Building assessment program
  • Remind the employees & managers to assess
  • Create assessment summarized report
Allowance management (for Accounting department)
  • Checking allowance report
  • Create summarized report


HRPortal connects with HRPRO7, interacting with time attendance data, salary calculation, staff appraisal

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HRPortal – Web portal automatizes HR office procedure

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Saving time for HR department in leave management, time attendance, salary calculation


Saving paperwork, reduce time for HR department, and at the same time increase confidentiality about payroll information




Saving time for manager & HR department in managing leave while ensuring that there’s no effect on the work


Provide convenience for employee and manager in self – assess and assessment procedure, automatically summarize appraisal report & remind to assess

All in one HR solution

HRPortal allows connecting to HRPRO7 Software with different versions for each customer

thumb_01_60_60STANDARD VERSION (Factory)

Standard version for manufacturing enterprise, with worker and office staff managing modules. This version is built upon the features of leathering – garment manufacturer.


This version is specialized for Hotel – Restaurant – Cafe (HORECA), provides flexible time attendance, salary calculation based on time, synchronize system from many branches, managing part – time staffs.


Instantly exports time attendance – salary report, synchronizes data from many branches simultaneously. Connects time attendance data to construction management software.


Version for retail businesses. The solution is especially useful when businesses have many branches and customers.


Version for small and medium enterprises. Solutions help enterprises saving deployment costs.

thumb_01_60_60SPECIAL REQUEST

The software is customized according to the customer’s needs  

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All about Tinh Hoa solution

Competing capability

  • Specialized in autoID devices with card technology / fingerprint / face recognition
  • Understand customers’ demand in the field of HR management
  • Software development capabilities and built-in integrated solutions

Prestigious suppliers of prestigious brands: Founded in 2007, Tinh Hoa is an enterprise specializing in IT solutions to automate human resources (time attendance- payroll – employees’ file management). With a team of highly qualified and experienced, we are always available to advise clients on the application of time attendance – automatic payroll solutions, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of human resources.


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