Real Time Monitoring System for Construction


  • Difficult to control people out on the field, in many cases without a register, especially workers of subcontractor
  • When there is loss, difficult investigation because there are people out in the field without declaration
  • When there is a problem, difficult to summarize how many people are in the field


  • Strict controls on those out of schoolg
  • Avoid having timekeeping without work
  • Timekeeping efficient, fast out timesheets, control labor cost effective

Specially: Control the date of the subcontractors will assess the capacity subcontractors, and grasp the health situation subcontractors. Monitoring is the actual date of subcontractors and costs paid to subcontractors

Tripod turnstile system

  • Closely monitoring the situation in the public sector, ensuring everyone has the right to declare all clear
  • Monitoring and detection of fraud cases in time, those who are out of school and have been declared fully
  • Quickly capture information about who has been present in the construction area, easily export reports to those who have and those who are in the control area
  • It is possible to hire subcontractors, share investment costs
  • Control input costs of subcontractors

Time attendance and Access controller software for construction site

HRPRO7 system combines three key functions: Human Resource – Attendance – Payroll. 3 This function can operate independently of each other forming a separate small package or can link together to become a single system, sharing the same common data.

In addition, there are packages HRPRO7 extended functionality, can operate independently, including:

  • DASS Module ( Data Auto-Synchronization Service)
  • RTMS Module (Real-time Monitoring Service)
  • ICMS Module (Industrial Canteen Management Software)
  • HRPortal Module

Investment costs for packaging solutions

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