Application Gate Access Control Solutions

A success story

Previously: Enterprise C (operating in the manufacturing sector) was a well-known enterprise in the field of food production, enterprise D operated in the garment manufacturing sector and having many difficulties in managing the staff came in and out.

Problems need to be resolved:

  • The number of employees in and out is too high and Protection is hard to control
  • Many of the employees came in too early and came too late, resulting in their record making more hours. These records do not increase the salary fund, but will disadvantage the business when the audit by customers. How to limit?
  • Many employees ask permission to leave the factory to use the toilet but it takes a long time to come back which affects the productivity of the whole group.
  • Access to the production area should be controlled because it is a food production area that requires strict hygiene and safety.

After: Enterprise C invests in access control solutions and uses Tripod turnstile

  • Card reader & biometrics are connected to employee database in HR software
  • Work status: shifts are checked to ensure that no employee goes in too early or too late
  • Access to the factory is strictly controlled

Results: All 4 subjects are satisfied

  • The manager
  • Human Resources does’t take time to monitor
  • The Security Department has full information
  • Businesses reduce the waste and loss

Please refer to the access factory management solution for further advice

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