Application of rice control solution

A success story

Previously: Enterprise B (operating in the manufacturing sector) is a well-known enterprise in the field of electronic production and having many difficulties in controlling the ration.

Problems need to be resolved:

  • The shift mode allows employees to work in the evening with special meals. In case of uncontrollable, employees in a morning shift can get these servings and resulting in a lack of food. In addition, businesses will have to pay extra.
  • On the full moon day, many employees will want to eat vegetarian, but the number of meals is not enough. They also do not go out, nor do they bring food. If there is a way to accurately measure the number of vegetarian meals prepared for the kitchen, the staff will be more satisfied.
  • Many workers lack the sense of getting more food and make the kitchen feel headache in ensuring enough food for those who eat later. Costs also increase when the amount of food is not controlled.

After: Enterprise B invests in controlling the ration solution in the canteen.

  • The card reader is connected to the feeder’s information display and allows only the appropriate person.
  • The software automatically checks the number of times a person gets food and employee shifts.
  • The kitchen can directly monitor the number of meals left over compared to the number of people are going to eat so you can prepare more efficiently.
  • Statistical report on the number of meals produced after each meal
  • On the full moon day, everyone who wants to eat vegetarian food is met

Results: All 4 subjects are satisfied

  • Employees are full of food
  • Human Resources department does not waste time to make coupons
  • Catering units prepare more efficiently
  • Businesses reduce the waste and loss

Please refer to the ICMS Catering Management Solution for further advice.

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