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Synchronization data by Web Portal

With years of experience in implementing timekeeping-payroll software, we found that customers often encounter difficulties following:

  • Lack of time attendance data
  • Spend much time for import vacation data Mất thời gian nhập liệu các đơn xin nghỉ phép
  • Spend much time for mission fee Mất thời gian quản lý các loại chi phí công tác
  • Could not have time data entry work situations because too many
  • Manager complaint is difficult to control the work of employees


By supporting employees to perform each job related to their work hours, HRPORTAL releases a lot of time for HR


  • Interact directly with the data of software HRPRO7
  • Only a few selective information needed to bring up the Portal, the software that runs fast and stable web
  • Simple opeeration


HRPortal is one of HRPRO7 module enables interactive data synchronization software from HRPRO7 to webportal. Webportal help employees to perform the following actions:

  • Allow employee register vacation / mission / overtime on Web portal
  • System auto send notification to manager when employee registered
  • Manager approved vacation/misson of employee by Web portal or Email
  • Employee can read their data on website
  • Employees register working allowances, overtime allowance ….


Investment costs for packaging solutions

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