HR salary calculation software

A success story

Previously: enterprise A (the chain of restaurants) faced many difficulties in time attendance. Shift complex, time OT changes daily. Human resources are always waiting for the table from the restaurant’s manager. It takes time and is not accurate.

Difficulties encountered:

  • Workers work flexibly at the store that will be time-consuming if only the time keeping device does not have dedicated time keeping & salary calculation software.
  • It is difficult to find supply units that are able to meet specific requirements to effectively manage store chains.
  • It is not possible to directly connect the time keeping machines at multiple branches for centralized management

After: Enterprise A invests in automatically salary calculation software solutions

  • HRPRO7 salary calculation software
  • HRportal allows managers to work, move personnel, manage timekeeping
  • Time keeping devices at the store

Time attendance information is automatically transferred to the software. Arranging shift is also standardized and done via the web. The software automatically corrects time attendance with registered cases and controls overtime shift.


  • Save time of time attendance for HR department
  • Save time for IT support
  • Control of salary costs

All 3 subjects are satisfied:
– Human Resource Department is less labor intensive
– Employees are time attendance and accurate salary
– The company controls the wage that over shift and reduce loss fund salary

Please refer to Human Resources HRPRO7 software for further advice.

Employees assessment software

Success story

Previously: Enterprise B (doing in the service sector) faced many difficulties when developing into many branches. Maintaining service quality in multiple branch systems requires regular and continuous staff evaluation.

Difficulties encountered:

  • Organizing evaluation must be simple and effective
  • Evaluation results must integrate payroll software
  • Criteria for evaluation is diversified and depends on the subject. Having criteria for assessing quarterly, monthly, even daily.

After:  Enterprise B invests in Smartboss KPI.

  • Employees assessment software
  • There is a temporary record of commendation / violation which is the basis for easy assessment when the period comes
  • Organized daily periodic assessment for special departments (hygiene, reception).
  • Integration with HRPRO7 HR payroll software


  • Save time organizing staff assessment and make final report
  • Evaluation is easy on web/ mobile
  • Control the quality of work and quality of service

Please refer to the Smartboss KPI Performance Assessment Software for further advice


Company A is the owner who brought the world famous brands including ice cream, baked restaurant, pizza .. At the time of implementing the solution, the company has more than 100 stores and many quantities employees.

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