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Time attandance APP

advantages of the solution

The eTAP solution supports the integration of time attendance software, employee information and mobile applications to form an effective timekeeping solution suitable for the development needs of HR4.0.


  • Connect to the time attandance machine
  • Connect with 3rd party software (HRM, Finance, ERP, SAP…)

Attandance managament

  • Attendance at office block
  • Time Attendance for production shifts
  • Time Attendance for service shifts
  • Check location by GPS


  • For managers / workshop managers / foremen / store managers to perform shifts for employees
  • View and export statistical reports

Mobile App

  • Register for leave, business trip, late for work, leave early
  • Remote attendance

Common problems in time attendance

  • Employees often move work locations
    → timekeeping on the timekeeping device is inconvenient.
  • The number of employees at each branch is too small
    → invest in expensive timekeeping equipment.
  • The office is too big
    →  difficult timekeeping device layout.
  • Enterprises have many shifts for many types of employees
    → Hard to keep track of working time
  • Need a lot of paperwork for timekeeping
    → Time consuming, difficult to record and manage data
  • The data is recorded and processed by the human resources department
    →  Management levels do not directly manage data

Benefits brought by the solution


Remote administration anytime, anywhere, extracting diverse, fast and instant management reports

Employees and Managers

Simplify administrative procedures for solution users

HR Department

Reduce workload, save time & paper costs

Businesses and organizations

Maintain discipline about working hours but still create convenience for employees

Time attendance application ezHR

Time attendance software on the phone ezHR9 App is an application written by Tinh Hoa Solution Joint Stock Company to install time attendance for employees by smartphone, compatible with Android and IOS operating systems.

This is a solution that uses technology to optimize the human resource management of companies to suit the times and the development of the economy and society.

The application is easy to use, friendly interface, bringing convenience to the employees and making the time management of the employees easier.

In addition, employees can immediately see their time attendance results. All time attendance data from the phone or from the time attendance machine are transferred to the same system and the results are on the same timesheet.

Benefits of Time Attendance App

Time attendance application provides businesses with many useful functions to make the employee attendance process quick and convenient.

Direct attendance

Employees can directly time attendance on their phones, photos and timekeeping positions of employees will be recorded into the management system.

Keep track of annual leave

The application helps employees easily track their annual leave, know the number of leave days left to register for leave.

Register on the App

The application allows employees to register for leave, overtime, and additional working hours. Management can register permission and overtime for employees

Time attendance, salary data

Employees can directly view information related to their wages and salaries without resorting to accountants or human resources.

Benefits of time attendance APP

Time attendance application provides businesses with many useful functions to make the employee attendance process quick and convenient.

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Why should you choose Tinh Hoa?

All-in-one solution

Ability to provide 1 package solution including software & equipment.

Research and Development

The R&D team is constantly improving and innovating to upgrade the software.


Always friendly, responsible and dedicated to customer partners.


More than 12 years of research and development of HR solutions for more than 1000 customer partners.


Over 12 years of development customers appreciate and trust the software – the secret of successful companies. More than 1000 medium and large companies have trusted our products.