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Common problems

  • HR Department spend too much time to prepare food bills, manage number of meals
  • Excess meals, only have 500 employees but have to prepare 550 meals.
  • Hard to monitor industrial catering supplier.
  • Disagreement occurs with industrial catering supplier about quantity of meals.

All prolems can be solved by using ICMS ( Industrial Canteen Management Solution)

ICMS Model

  • ICMS solutions include software, card reader and display device (LCD Screen). This solutions allow integrated and get data from another time attendance software

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  • Ensuring meal’s quality for employees.
  • Accurate forecast, limiting excess meals.
  • Reducing the rate of loss meals, reducing wastage costs from 10% to 4-5%, due to limited leftovers / the wrong case, monitoring the number of meals.
  • Building meals management process totally, minimize time in managing of meals, summarizing total meals, prepared meal tickets, total meals.
  • Eliminating cases of fraud by humans.

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