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Spending too much time for organize shift on software

Get advice combinations of methods to reduce the workload schedule:

  • Device used for check-in and check-out method
  • Calculat work shift by take check-in time subtract check-out time method
  • Default selecting method
  • Flexible organize shift module (Used for HORECA Group)

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Employees complain lack of working hours

Use HRportal so employees can self-test and the lack of notice to the HR department. Avoid to put the end of month

Usually derived from the lack of the following reasons:

  • Employees forgot making timekeeping
  • Employees go on a mission

Spending too much time for download data

ADS (Auto Download Service) is software that automatically connect and retrieve data from the timekeeper. You can set automatic download mode once every 4 hours, or at a fixed time everyday.

APDO solution helps devices automatically send data to the server each time the timekeeping. With this solution, the server is updated with real-time data. (Note: this solution is only suitable for the following models 2011)

Devices often crashes

Devices uses a time it crashes, unplug it when restarting the normal operation. This error comes from bad phenomenon template, so the data in the machine should be “clean”. After “cleaning”, the frequency of crashes is greatly reduced


Devices memory is full because fingerprint former employees

Use the tool to automatically delete old employee from xls file. Just enter the code listings former employees in xls file, the software will automatically find and delete the corresponding fingerprint.

Spending too much time for upload new data

Use solution DASS (Data Auto Synchronization Service) will help save a lot of time. When a new employee, fingerprint data will be automatically uploaded to the appropriate machine. Allows management of departmental attendance, each employee only a few timekeeping on certain devices.