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--- Saving time for timekeeping-payroll, Increased time for HRM--

Reality difficult

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Time consuming for timekeeping and payroll

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Transfer employee raise a lot of difficult in timekeeping and payroll

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Wasting time for manage, approved vacation, overtime and allowance

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Staff are not happy with the lack of food

Solution model and feature



  • Automatically gather data from many resource: time attendance device, portal …
  • Setting up rule for specific shift as: factory, office, retails
  • Allow staff register vacation online by web portal, approved by web portal or email
  • Managing and monitoring report on portal, can read on smartphone
  • Staff view report on portal



Saving time for timekeeping-payroll

The effective management of overtime work, allowances by automation, eliminating paper

Reduced costs due to loss of balance too much preparation

Easy to search, analyze and plan for the wage fund data storage


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