Chọn trang

Customer requirement

Requirements from construction group

  • Quickly out timesheets and payroll to conduct payroll for workers
  • Can synchronize multiple branches at the same time, however, can not invest in expensive solutions such as VPN or provide static IP for all construction sites
  • So hard to make timekeeping by using fingerpront in dust environment
  • Integrated time attendance data with other construction management sosftware
  • Monitor staff making time timekeeping at all construction site
  • Combined time-keeping with safety monitoring at all constructions site
  • Combined time-keeping with worker management of subcontractor
  • … and other requirements
  • Satisfaction level of product 80% 80%
  • Satisfaction level of service 100% 100%
  • Satisfaction level of solution 90% 90%


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“I chose Tinh Hoa Solutions because of the ability to work with hardware vendors to customize according to the specific requirements of our company”

Mr Linh

Manager, Teakwang Vina

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