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Smartboss 8.0

HRM Software for SMB Group

Timekeeping and Payroll business is important but time consuming and quite sensitive, because of the following reasons:

  • If payment is not based on the time sheet, easily lead to cases of canine refugees staff together for a few people do not stay registered and still get paid
  • Without timekeeping, also easily lead to other employees because soy refugees who frequently tardy
  • Attendance takes time to get the data for public, and to detect license plates and registration leave work, to ensure sufficient staff

After many years in the field of timekeeping-payroll for leading customers, we have packaged solutions are comprehensive payroll timekeeping for small and medium businesses, with HR software Smartboss combined with website

Smartboss 3.0 software, combined with provides the following four outstanding benefits for SMB group

  1. Convenient for employees in the registration vacation, work registration, registration OT, by using website
  2. Save time by automating timekeeping connected to the timekeeper and website
  3. Good control payroll, avoid paying for staff absences register
  4. Many of the functions that price competition

Introduction modules in Smartboss 8.0


module chấm côngMission:  Automatic calculate timekeeping for employess based on:

  • Scanned data card from time attendance devices
  • Information about workshift of company, deparment or each employee
  • Information about holidays, information about the employee’s vacation days

This calculation is completely automatic, fast and accurate, reduces time and eliminates the risk of bias in the calculation of working time of employees.

Advantages: Handle multiple types of shift work, especially the shift of production and services

  • Interact with rhythmic system hardware devices timekeeper. Compatible with 90% of timekeeping devices

+ Automatic download data from time attendance devices of  AbriVISION, Virdi, Suprema

  • Strong support many kinds of work shifts, has successfully deployed at many clients in many different industries, particularly manufacturing

+ Applied to many different audiences: the office, factory work 3 shifts

+ Support maximum 10 OT types

+ Support the established form cad complex fractures ca, ca flexibly with clients such as:

  • Flexible shifts, can modify according to actual requirements
  • Diversity reporting system, can modify according to actual requirements

Allow taken directly to payroll timesheets. Payroll Module does not include production management function, so if customers want Payroll products, information on product yield and must be imported.

HRPRO7 very good support for data import and export to xls file.

module tinh luong

Advantages: The high open – easy to customize

  • Automatically retrieve data from timekeeping module
  • Payroll formula open, allowing change of conscience
  • Import and Export data from xls file, easy to import data from the production department
  • Allow editing modes Insurance and Income Tax.

HRPRO7 allows interaction with Web HRportal to synchronize data from the software to the webportal. Webportal help employees to perform the following actions:

  • Employee self-day registration permit / registration work / overtime registration on web portal
  • Manager approved sabbatical / work of its employees through the web portal, or directly on email
  • Employees can view their data date, the lack of detection and early warning for the HR department, to avoid pre-paid forward to new findings
  • Employee self-examination of his sabbatical
  • Registration Staff working allowances, overtime allowance ….

By supporting employees to perform each job related to their work hours, HRPORTAL releases a lot of time for HR

Module hrportal



  • Interact directly with the data of software HRPRO7
  • Only a few selective information needed to bring up the Portal, the software that runs fast and stable web
  • Simple operation

Investment costs for packaging solutions

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