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Common problems when SMB group do not use timekeeping solutions

  • The staff did not go to work but did not register vacation
  • More and more employees being late, by imitating each other
  • New employees see former employee lateness and tardiness, or go on time but working separately until at work
  • Can’t makin timekeeping for staff who going on mission
  • Export attendance reports are shortage of hours worked and difficult to payroll

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  • Durable requirement 90% 90%
  • Solution requirement 80% 80%
  • Software requirement 50% 50%
  • Low cost requirement 30% 30%

Time attendance solutions for SMB Group

  • Smartboss software for SMB Group
  • Easily to use and lower cost
  • Employees can register vacation/misson online by using Web Portal and manager can approve online
  • Social insurance registration service




See full solutions for SMB Group

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