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Requirements from factory group

  • System can manage multiple time attendance devices at same time, status monitor, connecting to get data
  • Manipulation download / upload data to the machine very quickly to meet the large amounts of data
  • Manipulation register new employees must be simple, in order to save time for this operation (which is often)
  • Equipments must be durable
  • …. and another solutions


  • Durable requirement 90% 90%
  • Solution requirement 80% 80%
  • Software requirement 50% 50%
  • Low cost requirement 30% 30%

Time attendance-Payroll solutions:

  • Time attendance devices using fingerprint/ proximity cards/ face
  • Data synchronize solution to manage employee for each devices,by department
  • Distributed management solutions: each department uses a separate time attendance devices, saving equipment investment costs
  • Time attendance – Payroll must be meet the standards when working with delegation Audit
  • Recognition staff in canteen
  • …and another solutions

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