Chọn trang

Requirements from food industry group:

  • Due to the requirements of food hygiene and safety, workers at the factory to follow flow regulation, order and not crowded, washing hands over each area as: Washing- Dust Cleaning- Sensor Cleaning
  • When get in the peak period, the employee was promoted production so that software have to solve work shift flexibility
  • Payroll by working time, by product yield or by both depending on the nature of the work of each department
  • … and another solutions
  • Durable requirement 90% 90%
  • Solution requirement 80% 80%
  • Software requirement 50% 50%
  • Low cost requirement 30% 30%

Timekeeping-Payroll solutions:

  • Timekeeping-Payroll Software
  • Time attendance devices using Fingerprint / Proximity cards / Face
  • Access Controll system for area that need high security requirement
  • Industrial canteen management solutions
  • ….




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