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Requirements from factory group

  • Software can solve working date separate by 3 shift
  • Software must have transfer staffs function
  • Payroll software payroll by working hour and product yield
  • When the number of employees east, arising demand management solutions fingerprints at the timekeeper, factory workers in attendance at the workshop does just that. This requirement is particularly important when there arises the transfer of employees between departments
  • Payroll software supports flexible payments



  • Durable requirement 90% 90%
  • Solution requirement 80% 80%
  • Software requirement 50% 50%
  • Low cost requirement 30% 30%

Time attendance-Payroll solutions:

  • Time attendance devices using fingerprint/ proximity cards/ face
  • Data synchronize solution to manage employee for each devices,by department
  • Distributed management solutions: each department uses a separate time attendance devices, saving equipment investment costs
  • Industrial canteen management
  • …and another solutions



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